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The League : Multi-fandom RPG

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Date Last Posted: December 27.
Format: Greatestjournal, threads.
Genre: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Multi-fandom, Classical literature, horror/adventure, Victorian Era.
Name: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen RPG
Contact: Got Questions? (LINK) // To Submit an application (LINK)
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
Deadline: No deadline.

Game Premise:

The year is 1899, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen have stopped Moriarty from his plan to spark off the first world war and are now returning to their respective lives. Or so they think. However, the threat of war has not faded. Moriarty survived the gunshot wound and made his escape despite the loss of his case and the secrets of the league members. Mina left Dorian trapped in the stronghold and simply took his painting instead of showing it to him which allowed for his survival after the explosion.

After Quatermain’s funeral in Africa, Tom Sawyer is sent back to the United States courtesy of one of Captain Nemo’s nautiloid's to make his report to the secret service where he will be introduced to the agents on that side of the Atlantic by Huck Finn. Meanwhile, Nemo and the others make their way back to England, stopping in France to drop off Doctor Jekyll as his pardon in England is suspect. Once in England, Mina Harker and Rodney Skinner return to their respective lives while Nemo starts his search for answers and more information Moriarty’s plans. This leads him to the British Museum where he discovers Moriarty’s files, records and mostly importantly, information concerning other contacts.

This causes him to wonder how many more people Moriarty had working for him, were they like the League? Duped into believing they were serving the higher good? Or like Moriarty? Eager to start a war which they alone will benefit from? One important contact is a Ebenezer Scrooge who proves to be the financial backer to the League. Nemo also discovers alternative plans that Moriarty already has in place should his first plan fail to start his war. To stop this, the League is called back into action while Nemo also brings in some of Moriarty’s other contacts to help them.

The only question is, can they be trusted?

Characters wanter:
Annie Oakley
William H Bonney (Billy the Kid)
Artful Dodger
Jo March
And more...particularly Villains.

Available characters

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