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Is it okay to post poetry here?? Hm. I gues I'll just poste it anyway. These are two poems about Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde in skeltonic verse style.

Little glass vial
to my soul defile
bitter taste
control erased
my flesh rips
chapped lips
scream in pain
muscles strain
pulses in my vein
can’t contain
free this chain
I’m insane.
My mortality I can’t retain
sweat like acid rain
I’m inhumane
In the dark
I run through the park
evil’s left its mark
I hear a dog bark
I laugh to myself; a high pitched sound
my footsteps on the ground
hidden not found
cross rooftops in a bound
inner clock wound
the bitter potion I downed
I astound
and dumbfound
you ignorant sods
you’re a bunch of frauds
doctors aren’t gods
under their facades
“On a little girl he trod”
“so send him to the firing squad”
you’ll never catch me I have the perfect alibi
my disguise you can’t identiy
if you could it would mortify
I lie
I’m sly
I deny
I falsify
I horrify
I justify
all this to purify
my immortal soul
is as black as coal
this wasn’t my goal
no longer whole
just rock n’ roll
I payed my toll
I’m not satisfied
until they’ve cried
until they’ve died
until they’re terrified
I know I’ve lied and died and supplied
ripped apart inside
my good and bad divide
and I’m not dignified or glorified or justified
just horrified and petrified
Jekyll and Hyde

“Let Me Play”
is about Mr.Hyde taunting Jekyll and urging him to drink the elixer from within his thoughts. Many of the lines that begin each rhyme are from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen novelization and movie.

Let me play
you can’t get away
don’t delay
just obey
you did yesterday.

I’ll win
*I grin*
I’m your evil twin
in your skin.
I’m your sin
from within.

Let me out
drink the drought
turn inside out
don’t go without
you know what I’m about.

I knw you- you like it
so don’t try to fight it
you can’t quit,
you hypocrite.

Enjoy me
don’t keep me under lock and key
you and your college degree
your M.D and PhD
for all that you’re just a flea.

You’re a weakling.
I hate you!
and your conservative point of view.
so with your head I screw.
though you made me I won’t thank you.
as you shrunk I grew
I’m so much better than you
you whimper “That’s not true”
oh boo hoo.

now my release is overdue
I don’t want to meet my curfew
but into your thoughts I withdrew.

I’m going on a bloody holiday
and looking for my prey
so to you I say
“Let me play.”

please no critique. I like positive feedback if you have any :)
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