Bryony Hermes Temple (rolando8) wrote in lxg,
Bryony Hermes Temple

Century: the Online Game!!

Oh. My. God.

I discovered, through a post on [info]watchmen_lulz, an online game called Thule Trail where you control up to five people going to a music festival. Since the results were funny and Watchmen-themed, I decided to play the game using all the member of the Second Murray League.


Orlando does the first bit of action, and, surprisingly, it's neither sexy nor violent.


Of all things, a 'small fruit candy'?!? Let's see what other things he coulda stuck up his schnoz: Mary Jane, his fingers, surgical instruments, apple peels...


Since when did Quatermain speak like a Yank? Not that I have a problem with that.

Lando certainly likes to go on and on and on... :D

Carnacki does something?

Has Lando been snorting marijuana/apple peels/fingers?

Ewwww. Enough said.


Is 'pretty cool' the sort of language a 3000-year-old immortal from Thebes would use?


Tom's been all kinky with Lando. :-P

Hence the name: Great White Hunter.


I told you Orlando does a lot.

And now he's doing nothing.

Nyah nyah, global warming!

With some what? Some neutering with Exhalibur?

And I hope I was the lucky girl. Because, when Lando falls in love, he doesn't just fall in love, he makes love. Very good love.

Miss Orlando much?

Nope, just Lando's big ego... ;-)

Are you doing something horny with Mina, A.J.?

And that's it. When the game finished, Mina, Raffles, Carnacki and Allan had to sell their tickets and wash dishes.




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